Abolition Geographies Collective


Who We Are

We are a group of graduate workers in the Geography Department of the University of Wisconsin – Madison grounded in the ongoing work of police and prison abolition. 

Our Demands


1. Abolish the UWPD

2. End all collaboration between UW-Madison and the Madison Police Department

3. Demand UW-Madison halt investments in companies that profit from the violation of human rights in the United States and internationally

Invest and Reinvest

1. Provide financial support for Black students, faculty, and staff

2. Demand the university to recognize the singular importance of Black and Ethnic Studies

3. Demand that non-Black staff, faculty, and administration take responsibility to proactively engage in anti-racist initiatives to shift labor off of Black individuals

4. Demand the creation of a policy that protects students that protest

5. Demand the formation of a committee to investigate avenues for reparations and demand that the university make sustained reparations to both Black and Indigenous communities

6. When university hires are being considered, one’s record with racial justice and injustices must be a major consideration

7. Demand a campus-wide centralized approach to addressing these systemic issues, identifying the decentralized campus as negligent and oppressive

View our full statement here.

We invite all in solidarity to sign through this link.